Once Upon A Time

Invictus Capital has it’s roots firmly embedded in the distribution of financial products. Insurance , being the core of our existence and expertise , has led us to evolve into financial planning and financial products solutions specialists.

A Paradigm Shift

We realized we had to be different. We knew that we had to bring our clients a multi faceted approach in their insurance and estate portfolio. We also needed to involve the next generation and expose them to the real world of financial literacy. This gave rise to Find Insurance , Legacy Mentorz and MoneyMentorz.

Creating Footprints

We wanted to expand our insurance distribution to HNWI’s in the region. The International Business Department was born giving us access into key South East Asian Cities.

Creating Constructive Commotion

We know that the future of insurance would redefine our manner of operations and methodology of client interactions. We are actively involved in building insurance technology that can be scaled up to meet this evolution. This has led us towards InsurePal and InsurePay fuelling us towards creating an ecosystem of Fintech and Insuretech startups that would complement our business.